Saturday, December 12, 2009

It was a BLAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD

The party was a blast lah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was the best !!!!! lol i dont have many pics , go to soo yee blogs for everything ! (:

Me doing the square
LOL ! hilman

Haiyo soo yee . hahaah


Tagged by rebecca (:

4 names your friends call you

4 things you've done in the last 30 minutes
2.Watch tv

4 ways to be happy
1.Just Smile (:
2.Go out with friends
3.Spend time with family
4.Late night party's ! :D

4 gifts you would love to receive
1.A new phone
2.Clothes :D
3.My own workout set at home !!
4.YOU xD

4 fave hobbies
1.Bball !!!!
2.Hang out with friends
3.Go to the gym
4.Go sight seeing for girls around ou ;D

4 places you want to go for vacation
1.not malaysia
2.outside malaysia
3.far away from malaysia
4.Even if its hell ==

4 fave drinks
1.Ice blended mocha (starbucks)
2.Ice blended mocha (cofee bean)
3.Ice blended mocha (La bodega)
4.Ice blended mocha (anywhere !!!!!!)

4 things always found in your room
4. ==

4 fave colours !

finally done !!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The moment you've all been waiting for !

Well , its the gym post (:
It was taken at my dads gym so it isnt much , its small but still gives you a big workout , next time i'll take 1 of my mom's . now that 1 is big .

This is where i lose all my body fat .

Now these are my babies (: 10 kg on each hand .

And this is also my baby .
dont know what would happen if i didn't have you .

And this is to the doubters out there . UP !

And DOWN!!
Thats it for now (:
ciaos !

tagged by andrea (:

On behalf of the request . (:

Tag 10 people :
2.Jin hao
3.Soo yee

1. What if 9 confesses that he/she likes you? [Naomi]
Haha , i think my melatian's should know =P

2. Will you go out for a couple date with 3 if he/she asks to? [Soo Yee]
LOL . later she scream again . No thx . =P

3. Is 7 single? [Genevieve]
Go ask her . NOMB

4. Describe 1. [Andrea]
Fun to talk to (:

5. Will you date 8? [Joshua]
Haha . No problem :P

6. What is 2's nickname? [Jin Hao]
Char siew ! xD hahahahah

7. What do you wish to tell 10 right now ? [Gabriel]

8. What is 5 good in? [Leon]
Kao Lui , learn from me wan . LOL !!

9. If you were to do one thing to 4, what would it be? [Rebecca]
Hmm ... Dun allow her to sleep =P

10. Have you seen 1 cried ? [Andrea]
Nope .

11. Is 2 crazy or geeky? [Jin hao]
both , and so much more ! (:

12. Will you hold 7's hand and walk around? [genevieve]
*ahem .... inapropriate question*

13. What do you think of 6? [Guna]
when i see him i think of ... chocolate delight ! haha

14. Will you kiss 3 when there is only both of you in the park? [Soo Yee]
Omg .. this time she sure scream till my ears drop .

15. Is 8 sweet? [Joshua]
Haha . very sweet , especially to me ! =P

16. What is 9's hobby? [Naomi]
Kacau me loh ... but is i kacau her first =P lol

17. Will you date 10 to a high class restaurant? [Gabriel]

18. Is 5 fitted to be a maid? [Leon]

19. When it started raining, who will you seek for an umbrella ?
My mom or dad .

20. Where would you go with 1 on a date ? [Andrea]
Later zhan meng scold me . lol like im scared?

Finally done (:

Friday, December 4, 2009

50th post

Well its my 50th post . whoo peee .... =_____= . Well i have to apologize . I was in a really bad mood , personal reasons . But now im happy go lucky (: im bored to death these days . pls pls pls pls somebody ask me out !! Talking to my meii (soo yee A.KA rabbit) . having an emotional chat . lol . but i thank her alot lah , i can say that she has been there for me when i need someone to talk to . So for that i thank you in a way you can't imagine . I have the feeling of .. avoidance from a few ppl . but oh who cares . it feels like a freaking gang bang =.=

Talk about ways to waste a important post . (like i care )

ciaos . until next time peeps !

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Time to let go . blek ! wakaka

Well its been normal for me i guess . been going to the gym every night and i am sure and proud to say my guns can compare with TAYLOR LAUTNER'S . haha . please dont start hating girls . Just gave me an idea , i'll post up pics of me at the gym next time (: . And i've been going to the community hall every afternoon after picking up my bro's from tuition . playing bball . no balls no life (: . AND AND AND AND ..... (: HEHEHE . I met someone and got her number . huhu . You know next to the bball court there's a tennis court . Well , there was this Hot babe playing tennis with her friends there and after playing they went to the mamak to drink . And while i was playing bball she kept looking at me so i said , wth . I went up to her and got her name and number . Her name is ADORA (: Latin girl . And her number is 012 ......... haha gotcha ! not gonna give you that =P . Couldn't talk to her today cause her mom kept her phone . sad ): . Well tmrw morning is only 10 hours away (: . Anyways enough about that . making other ppl jealous :P . So just played dota with ze xian's cousin and owned like crazay ! well i think this is more than a reasonable post so i think ima leave now . ciaos ppl ! (:


Honey came in and she caught me red-handed
Creeping with the girl next door
Picture this, we were both butt naked, banging on the bathroom floor .

Friday, November 27, 2009

update !


As usuall im updating cause i dont want a dead blog and you dont too (:
well did many things this week ... i think? hmm where do i start? im going for paintball with me friends next week tuesday ;D . Have my regular bball game with my friends today , HAPPY SATURDAYS (: .... thats all ... how sad . So are YOU gonna ask me out to end my torture? if you are , please call 012-220 3473 (: . So Gen is back from kuching , got third . said they played like shit (dont think so) . but oh well , tough luck and need to practice more! (: So last time im gonna say this , pls pls pls pls INVITE ME OUT FOR ANYTHING ! And my house is always open to anyone , come to swim or anything . just gimme a call .

So here are the movies i wanna watch -
-Year One
-Sherlock Holmes (im a profesional , now remove this pillow and the key to my release) LOL!
-meet the morgans
-iron man 2
-shutter island
-alice in wonderland
-SAW VII !!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG ! LOVE THIS !! wakakakka
-resident evil : afterlife

Im just a totall movie fanatic !!! xD

so i think thats it for today , ciaos . enjoy (:
listen to all songs .
It's so cinematic